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Future Proof Your Business in 2018

Innovation and training are the key to keep your business thriving into the future.
Always room to grow

Being future-proof relies on your ability to innovate. But innovation is all too often squashed by lack of planning and training for your team. Forward thinking doesn’t happen when you keep everything in your business secret! Communicate with your team and find out what they want to achieve this year, then hold them accountable.

What do they want to learn? What services can they offer that your business currently doesn’t offer? Your team often have fantastic ideas and you need to give them permission to share. Encourage forward thinking.

Stay in the know

If we only had a crystal ball… Predicting trends is a risk, however innovation has to start somewhere and you have to take small considered risks to stay ahead of the curve.

Technology in our industry is changing at a rapid rate. If you don’t embrace technology you will get left behind – this is fact. Expos, seminars, webinars, social media and Google. You need to need to be a meerkat in our forever changing industry and keep abreast of what’s hot. With access to information from wherever we are there is no excuse to be ‘out of the loop’.

Make time

You need to work ON your business not IN it. It’s the golden rule that gets cheated on all too often. STOP IT! You wouldn’t get in a car without a driver right?

Having set times to work on the floor, on the business, training your team, and for down time is crucial to have the life balance you need to have longevity in business.

Training takes time and money. You need to consider the potential value that it can bring to your business. This is an ongoing plan that doesn’t achieve success overnight, You need to be patient and follow through with the end in mind.

Outsource Training

We all have strengths when it comes to training in certain areas. Brainstorm and outsource specific training roles to your team members, matching up their specialist skills. Sharing the load exposes your juniors and your seniors to a wide range of ideas, experiences and styles. It really is a win for everyone! Never, ever stop training, teaching and improving your salon team – or yourself!


The Beauty and anti-ageing industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that is certainly not slowing down anytime soon. In fact, skincare and anti-ageing treatments are one of the fastest growing segments in business today.

Every set of legs, nails or brows you look after has a face. The opportunities are already walking through your door every single day. You may already offer these treatments or maybe your need to invest in that area of your business?

Regardless, the difference between the business down the road that has an average client spend of $250+ and yours that might be $50 is training, innovation, and of course, marketing.

There is nothing wrong with having a business model that is based on maintenance beauty! I have clients that have very successful operations in this area, However you can’t ignore the upwards trend and the business safety that comes with investing in this huge upwards spike.

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, The second best time is now. Those who only focus on the past and present, will certainly not thrive into the future.

Jay Chapman
Zing Coach
[email protected]


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