Lisa Conway

Lisa Conway

ZING Business Coach & Director of ZING Business Coaching


ZING founder and kick-arse coach, Lisa Conway leads a team of coaches helping salon owners transform their business. With 30-plus years as hairdresser and salon owner, hundreds of satisfied coaching clients, dozens of speaking engagements and three books completed, she’s giving the hair and beauty industry quite a shake-up. People are standing up and taking notice, and she’s only just begun.

Lisa is known for her direct, no-nonsense approach, for getting real and challenging people to step-up and take control. She’s worked the salon floor, led her own teams and made her own mistakes. But having known the benefits of business coaching first-hand, she now answers the call share her knowhow and experience.

“Cartwheels through the salon – that’s how I want my clients to feel about their business and their life. I created ZING to close the gap between what salon owners deliver and what their clients want. Because that’s where the magic happens, where you can create a superb team, a booming business and the lifestyle you deserve.”