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Lisa Conway is an accomplished speaker, three-book author and kick-arse coach with a unique, no-nonsense take on business, money, life and family. And she loves nothing more than sharing her world view. Lisa is founder and director of ZING Business Coaching, an enterprise changing the face of the hair and beauty industry by teaching salon owners what they’re expected to know but were never taught. She’s intent on championing business owners as the key to turning around an industry that’s become more challenging and less attractive to newcomers. Lisa speaks, coaches and writes the same way she approaches life – straight from the heart, with passion, humour and a true belief that people hold the secrets to success within themselves. Storytelling, raw honesty, cheekiness and country girl charm merge with 30 years of industry know-how as she delivers business smarts and inspired thinking that sticks to the ribs.


Lisa grew up in country Victoria and her no-nonsense approach to life comes from her experience there. At the age of 18 she discovered her passion for the hair and beauty industry and has never looked back.

Lisa has over 30 years of experience working in Salons as apprentice, junior, senior and Salon owner. She has managed other people’s hair & beauty salons, and owned her own – transforming them from profitable, but draining their owners’ time and energy to wildly satisfying and successful, in a surprisingly short amount of time.

She has always shared her professional and business knowledge generously with her staff, and she started coaching hair & beauty salon owners and teams in response to requests from other salon and spa owners who knew her and wondered how she managed to have a full shop of both clients and staff and turn her Salons around so quickly.

This soon became her full-time career, and her clients (Hair & Beauty Salon & Spa owners) are grateful for her expert guidance. She doesn’t just tell them what to do, she explains it all in a way that makes sense, and guides them through the 5-step transformation process, giving honest feedback and encouragement every step of the way.

As a speaker, presenter and author, she shares her know-how across a broad spectrum of mediums.

In 2014, Lisa published her first book that flipped the industry on its head, “The Naked Salon: An Essential Guide to Time, Team and Money for Salon Owners” a how-to guide for hair and beauty salon owners and spa owners to help them identify areas of their business they need to work on.

In 2016, she published her second book, “Your Salon Team: The salon owner’s guide to finding, motivating and keeping great staff” that reshaped salon owners as people leaders.

Finally, in early-2017 Lisa rounded out the series with “Your Salon Retail: the no-nonsense, no-hype guide to kick-arse retail in your salon business”. This one has salon owners cartwheeling through their product shelves.

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