The Naked Salon: An Essential Guide to Time, Team and Money for Salon Owners

A how-to guide for hair and beauty salon owners and spa owners to help them identify the parts of their business that are holding them back.


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Finally someone actually tells it like it is!

The Naked Salon: An Essential Guide to Time, Team and Money for Salon Owners is chock-full of the TRUTH about how to run your Hair and Beauty Salon profitably and successfully.
This book goes way beyond theory and offers practical advice on how to:
Control the business side of your Salon;
Create simple systems that make your life easy and deliver consistent results;
Set goals that lead to the outcomes you’ve always dreamed of;
Lead your team to success;
Build, nurture and motivate your team;
Make sure you deliver the same high-quality experience every time by creating systems for everything;
Grow your average dollar sale through A-grade clients;
Know and understand your numbers so your income is consistently great, and improving;
Increase your profits and reduce your costs;
Implement a simple, proven, marketing system that works every time;
Wow your clients all the way to the till;
Create loyal, A-grade clients who spend more money and love doing it!
Inside this book are real-life stories about the problems Hair & Beauty Salon owners face every day, and ways you can solve them once and for all.  This is not a book to put on the shelf, this is a book to take into your Salon with you, and start to work through.  If you follow the advice it gives your Salon will be different – and so will your future – you’ll even get a few laughs along the way.

Book reviews and General Quotes about the “Naked Salon”

It’s great when you find a book that is easy to read, and enjoyable. So much so you want to keep reading. Lisa has captured the art of explaining today’s salons biggest challenges in a no- nonsense way. It is a book you will refer back to time and time again. Every salon should have at least one copy. It’s a very enjoyable read that gives owners, managers and staff a business manual to follow. You couldn’t not benefit from reading ‘The Naked Salon’

Edward Beale, Director, Salons Melbourne

Running a salon can be a lonely business. As soon as I started to read ‘The Naked Salon’ I knew Lisa was someone that had walked a mile in my shoes. ’The Naked Salon’ is not just theory; it is full of good common sense information delivered in a very readable, no nonsense and lighthearted manner. You will learn and you will laugh and at the end you can’t help but feel you are not alone and be reinvigorated and ready to get back at it

Antony Whitaker, Director “Grow My Salon Business” United Kingdom

The Naked Salon’ is a must read for any hairdresser. Simple, practical, funny advice that will help mould careers and a handy salon owner’s guide to a better life.

Stevie English, Owner and Creative Colourist @ Stevie English Hair, Lifestyle Channel, Prohairstylist and Australian Women’s Health Magazine Hair expert.

Read your entire book & loved it. Every hairdresser/beauty therapist needs to buy it or they are just simply missing out!!! Full of wonderful knowledge & helpful ideas & tips!!! Congratulations!!! You should be very proud of yourself. A lot of the info I read I’d heard from you over since I met you in 2011, however it was still refreshing and motivating to hear it again. Now where did I put my superman cape?!

Jake, Manager, Sydney

I have been in the hairdressing industry for almost 26 years, and found this book absolutely inspirational. Every hairdresser & beauty therapist needs to purchase this book. You won’t be disappointed! It’s full of wonderful, helpful knowledge tips & advice. It’s easy to read & is a beautifully presented book. Go out and buy it now! Lisa really knows her stuff & can & will help any hair/beauty salon in need of help to improve their business.

Glenn, Senior Stylist. Melbourne

Lisa, I have sat in the sun for the last 2 hours reading, and finishing your book! I want to say THANK YOU! I feel a lot clearer about what I’ve done, what I’m doing and what I NEED to do! It now makes this journey less ‘scary’ and more ‘exciting’ Being ‘naked’ sounds like fun!

Angeli, Salon Owner, Melbourne

Hi Lisa I love the book a very enjoyable and educational read We are given one mouth and two ears for a reason. We need to listen twice as much as we speak…haha I love it !! That’s going to be a poster in the back room !! Thank you for the book xx

Andrea, Salon Owner, Melbourne