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7 Mistakes Most Salon Owners Make

You’ve never been taught how to run a business or lead a team. Of course, you’re going to make mistakes! Here are the 7 most common blunders we see business owners make in the hair and beauty industry. How many do you see in yourself?
  1. You don’t make time to work on your business.

    You’re too busy being busy! You focus on the short term gain of the money you can earn today. You prioritise clients over developing a team training or marketing plan. Because you don’t give time to planning for the future, business is erratic – you lurch from being frustratingly quiet to out-of-control flat-out.

  2. You have no systems.

    You need to be in the salon every single day, stamping out every fire, dealing with every micro-issue. With no
    proven system to follow, each of your team members delivers their own version of your salon’s culture. You’re chained to your business and you’re headed for burn-out.

  3. You don’t understand marketing.

    You don’t get that the effort to gain one new client is huge compared to retaining one existing client. You don’t monitor lost clients, you simply let them slip out the back door without noticing or working out what you can do to keep them. No wonder your business is jogging on the spot.

  4. You don’t know how to build and engage a team.

    You don’t have regular and productive team meetings, either one-on-one or as a group. You need to do both. How else will your team know what’s expected of them, how they’re tracking and what’s happening in your salon?

  1. You don’t train your people nearly enough.

    You settle for average. You have no clarity around who needs what training and you have no structured or step-by-step training plan. Everyone stays stuck at the level they’re at. Even you.

  2. You don’t know your numbers.

    You don’t know how many clients you have each week, the dollar amount each team member brings in or your number of retail sales. You don’t know your weekly outgoings in wages or other expenses. You loathe managing the money; you’d rather deal with the people and the creative side of your salon.

  3. You’re not aware of waste.

    How much are you losing in lost time and stock? Do you benchmark how long each service should take and how much product to allow? Chances are you’re wasting thousands of dollars each year and hundreds of hours – swilling product down the basin plughole or losing valuable time on over-runs and booking blunders.

5 Step Process that Switches Guesswork for Certainty

How will ZING help you close the gap?

Step 1: Identify your real problems.

Let’s see if the problem you think you have is the problem you really have. You run out of peroxide because someone forgot to order? You panic when a team member asks for a Saturday off? They may look like problems but your real problem is this: you have no systems or guidelines in place. We help you see your real problems so you can fix them – and fix them once.

Step 2: Find the facts.

The numbers don’t lie. They tell it straight – what’s working, what’s not, who’s productive, who’s not. To unearth the truth we scratch around like a farmyard chook and peel back the layers to reveal your real facts and figures. We dig to a place where you’ll know what’s going on and can make decisions based on fact rather than emotion.

Step 3: Get clarity.

This is where the magic happens, where the energy shifts. We help you see things for what they really are – where your salon is now and where it can be. Together we define your vision for your business. You see the potential and get absolutely clear and confident about your ability to make it happen.

Step 4: Create your plan.

Now, with crystal clear intention, you’re ready to devise your action plan. You’ve transformed your thinking and you’re itching to get on with it. We’ll work with you to map out a solid plan you know will work, a plan that guides you to “fix it once” rather than stamp out fires. No airy fairy motherhood stuff … your plan will be the real deal.

Step 5: Review your progress.

So, how did you go? Did you get the result you hoped for? If, yes … let’s celebrate. If not, we’ll re-jig the plan, tweak the actions to get a better result. If we don’t succeed, we go again, take a different angle, find another way, discover what’s holding you back. We re-think, we practise and we get it done.

Time. Team. Money.

The ZING Project is all about getting you the TIME, TEAM and MONEY you deserve. Get these three right and your salon will thrive – you’ll have more freedom, more choice and more control.
  • Time

    ZING helps you shift from never having enough hours in your day to running a systemised business that works even when you’re not there.

    Time: you can’t buy it, rent it, borrow it, save it, renew it or multiply it. All you can do is spend it. Everyone gets the same 24 hours each day. If you’re saying you don’t have enough hours in the day, I’m hearing that you’re not organised, you’re all over the shop or you’re spending time doing everything for everyone else.

    ZING gives you a structure for your time and proven systems to make sure you make the most of every day. We’ll show you how to share the load, shape-up your business smarts and get the best return on your most precious resource … time.

  • Team

    Stop letting yourself and your clients down and start sharing the load with people you can trust. Learn how to lead an engaged team who deliver top quality service, every single day. At first glance your team members all look the same. It’s not until they open up that you can tell if you’re a match.

    ZING shows you how to stop wasting your time and find the team that fits. Who stays, who steps up and who goes? We help you become an employer of choice so you attract the best people. Together, we’ll breathe fresh life into your team, sharing new ways to motivate both them and you.

    Culture is at the core of your salon and it comes from two things: truth and training. ZING teaches you how to communicate openly and train continuously to embed culture into your team.

  • Money

    Isn’t it time you got paid what you know you deserve? You CAN’T work any harder, but ZING can show you how to work smarter and make more money so you have more choices in your life. Oprah said it beautifully: “If you undervalue what you do, the world undervalues who you are.” Most of us went into a salon not because we wanted to make a million, but because we wanted to make a difference.

    Who said you couldn’t have the MONEY and the satisfaction? ZING has big plans for you. We’ll show you the MONEY, unlock the missing dollars in your current business model and teach you to create an amazing salon experience for your clients while generating more MONEY to create an amazing life for yourself.

What Zing clients think...

Tim, Madd Hairdressing

“ZING brings the best out of you. I needed someone to look after me. I was looking after everyone and
everything else. Lisa’s approach is a balance of nononsense and hard, but she really cares and wants to see you win. She has been absolutely awesome, and she gets it.”

View the full testimonial here

Annette, The Do

“ZING makes you think differently. It’s real, Lisa’s real, she tells you how it is. She showed me how to be a better boss. Targets were a challenge for me and now that’s sorted. Nothing is too much trouble, it’s easy to work with ZING, there’s no ego. Since ZING I’ve doubled my sales and couldn’t be happier.”

View the full testimonial here

Lib, MarKese Hair and Make Up

“Lisa asked the right questions and hit some nerves and we haven’t looked back. I’ve relocated my shop. She made me see it’s not about the size of the shop, it’s what you do, the experience, that matters. ZING is about structure and the team embraced the changes, they love her approach.”

View the full testimonial here

For more client thinking, head to the ZING website: www.zingcoach.com.au
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